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Salesforce employees aren’t happy entering into NFT market

Measured in the hundreds of Salesforce employees globally are protesting the company’s plans by the U.S. enterprise software giant to enter the non-fungible token (NFT) market, according to internal documents seen by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Over 400 employees around the world have signed an open letter raising concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs, as well as their “unregulated, highly speculative” nature as financial assets. “The amount of scams and fraud in the NFT space is overwhelming,” the employees reportedly wrote.

Salesforce told employees last week it was exploring a series of NFT initiatives, including an “NFT Cloud” which could help companies around the world create and sell NFTs – a kind of digital asset often linked to an image or piece of artwork, which is usually bought with cryptocurrencies. It was communicated that over 400 employees have signed on to an open letter which was penned after the company’s announcement, and is being shared in internal messaging channels.

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