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Seed investors pool $18 Million into Treehouse’s analytical research platform

Early stage investors are seeing the value in analytical research in Defi. With a lack a reliable information companies, expertise across some of the world’s Fintech and Defi industries is insufficient to meet market demand. Treehouse looks to leverage their technology and data science to provide the insights, software, and data to help our customers make better informed decisions, driving growth, performance, and efficiency.

Treehouse provides DeFi users with live analytics and risk metrics of their digital assets. We are building a unified and user-friendly interface to help users successfully manage their portfolio in the ever-changing world of DeFi. We aim to be the gateway for all traders to effectively manage their DeFi risk across chains and are backed by some of the largest Singapore VCs and global crypto exchanges.

The Web3 company transforming on-chain data into meaningful metrics to help decentralized finance (DeFi) investors make informed financial decisions, announced an US$18 million seed round raise.

An undisclosed large FinTech investor led the round with participation from strategic investors, including Mirana Ventures, Lightspeed, MassMutual Ventures, Binance, Global Founders Capital, Jump Capital, Moonvault Capital, Wintermute, GSR, K3 Ventures, LeadBlock Partners, Coinhako, Bitpanda, Pintu, The Brooker Group, Venturra, AlphaLab Capital, Pulsar Trading, Fundamental Labs, Berioza Associates, CRC Capital, Portofino, Do Kwon of Terraform Labs, senior executives from SoftBank Vision Fund, and more.

Founded just 11 months ago and fueled by the team’s commitment toward financial inclusion, Treehouse is building the infrastructure required to enable everyday people to fully harness financial products and services made possible by DeFi. Treehouse’s ecosystem of products will empower and shape the way participants interact with the DeFi economy.

Clinton Teh from BNB Chain Growth Fund said, “At BNB Chain, we also share Treehouse’s belief in financial inclusion. Our growth fund is set up to help usher in the next wave of cryptocurrency users, and we believe Treehouse will bring us closer to this goal. We encourage all DeFi users associated with the BNB Chain ecosystem to start taking charge of their financial future with Harvest by Treehouse.”

Harvest, the company’s flagship product, indexes blockchains and deconstructs users’ DeFi positions to present historical data, profit & loss (P&L), and risk metrics on a seamless and highly intuitive user interface. The analytics platform provides information previously unavailable in DeFi and establishes a standard for users to analyze the DeFi risks associated with their current and historical positions.

“As the number of DeFi protocols, supported L1s, L2s, and bridges increase over time, Treehouse’s approach of building an in-house system-of-record for every DeFi user will become critically valuable and a great differentiator. On top of the technical accuracy is a beautiful, simplified dashboard experience optimized for desktop and mobile to cater to both advanced and retail investors,” said Hemant Mohapatra and Marsha Sugana from Lightspeed.

Dominic Chrumka from Wintermute said, “Wintermute is proud to be supporting Treehouse in their mission to make the management of DeFi portfolios easy and meaningful. Their cross-chain dashboards and comprehensive analytics, especially the ability to track P&L attributed to pools in which you are providing liquidity, are game-changing for the industry.”

Since its founding in mid-2021, Treehouse has grown exponentially to over 100 people and launched Harvest Beta. The company plans to accelerate Treehouse’s growth by eExpanding Harvest’s blockchain and protocol coverage, building more products and features for retail and institutional users, scaling its infrastructure for users to experience a highly seamless and low latency platform, building a well-informed and innovative community through in-house research.

“We are grateful to have with us a group of partners with such deep technical expertise and networks across both cryptocurrency and traditional finance ecosystems. This funding round will enable us to execute on our vision to help users confidently navigate DeFi,” said Brandon Goh, CEO of Treehouse.Melvin Hade, Partner at Global Founders Capital APAC, said, “With the rising number of investors hopping onto the DeFi bandwagon, this is the perfect time for Treehouse to bring out its state-of-the-art analytics platform to the public. When we first spoke to them, we were excited about the insights they had that led them to build a unique product that the world had never seen before. As one of the earliest backers of Treehouse, we are fully committed to their progress and excited about the long-term partnership.”

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