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Mint Songs expands innovative NFT minting for music and art

Mint Songs, a platform that helps artists build web3 communities by facilitating NFT minting for music and art, today announced the launch of a new Link in Bio app on the Koji App Store. The new app gives Mint Songs users the ability to curate and display their NFT music collection directly on their Link in Bio, providing a home for their collections within the context of their unified digital presences.

“At its core, Mint Songs is about giving musicians and fans true ownership of their music and communities. Koji provides a bridge between our web3-powered futures and our Web 2.0 social media realities,” said Dwight Torculas, Mint Songs co-founder.

Mint Songs allow musicians to turn their songs into NFTs for $0 minting fees, helping them earn additional revenue and provide new experiences to their fans. In many cases, this revenue can amount to more than the royalties an artist would earn from streaming. Musicians using Mint Songs keep 95% of the primary sales and earn an additional 10% each time a fan resells their collected NFTs. The platform also provides creators with analytics for their NFT sales.

“Koji has turned the Link in Bio from a simple list of links into a next-generation destination—a place to curate and express your digital identity in a way that is decoupled from any specific platform or social network. We are excited to work with Web3 communities like Mint Songs to enhance these expressive capabilities and bring new tools, experiences, and modes of ownership to musicians and fans,” said Sean Thielen, Koji co-founder.

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