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Petaverse, makes for digital pets with World’s first Pet Metaverse

Petaverse Network, the open standard for digital pets in the metaverse, today announced a partnership with blockchain software company Curvegrid. The partnership allows Petaverse Network to further accelerate its ambitious cross-chain and interoperability capabilities, as well as its first Shopify store integration; delivered through a custom smart contract supported by Curvegrid’s NFTeapot Shopify minting app and MultiBaas blockchain middleware.

“We are thrilled to be working with a game developer who deeply cares about the blockchain and the endless possibilities of web3,” said Jeff Wentworth, Curvegrid Co-founder. “To be working with a games company to design bespoke smart contracts combined with our highly customizable platform in order to deliver new experiences shows a real step change for both the web3 and gaming sectors.”

Curvegrid was founded in 2017 by Jeff Wentworth and William Metcalfe who saw the potential of blockchain and wanted to help build a whole new industry. Together, Curvegrid and Petaverse Network will achieve a grand vision to expand deeper into web3, specifically for data functionality and flexibility when storing Pet data on and off chain, not just in cloud hosted metadata files.

“Our web3 strategy is deep and robust; this requires a cross-chain strategy, plus a suite of innovative functionality,” said Dan Bridge, Head of Technology at Petaverse Network.

“Building on the need for interoperability, combined with the complexity of our requirements, we were looking for a partner who could build us our own smart contract along with facilitating minting and a custodial wallet that can be used to power games and apps. Given the enormity of our ambition, we were fascinated by Curvegrid’s advanced functionality, specifically for smart contracts, and are thrilled to be working with the Curvegrid team.”

As one of the first traditional game developers diving into web3, the Petaverse Network founding team has over 70 years of collective games, AR and VR development experiences. Alongside the core team is a comprehensive board of advisors including Kristian Sergestrale (Super Evil Megacorp), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Perrin Kaplan (Zebra Partners) Terry Schussler (Deutsche Telekom), Joe Eagan (Polychain Capital) and Anil Hansjee (Fabric Ventures) and serial game industry entrepreneur Nick Button-Brown.

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