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ZenLedger and Ledger partner to protect customers’ investments

ZenLedger.io, the global leader in cryptocurrency tax software and blockchain analytics, has announced a partnership with Ledger, the secure platform for digital assets and Web3. This partnership will help crypto investors securely buy, sell, and store crypto, and other tangible investments, while seamlessly keeping track of their taxes.

“The ZenLedger-Ledger partnership will allow crypto investors to keep track of their transactions securely while ensuring individuals are ready for tax season. As the risk of crypto theft continues to rise, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best tools to ensure their investments are safe and secure,” said Pat Larsen, chief executive officer at ZenLedger. “Smart investors know that they need easy, rock solid security and that is what Ledger provides to you and your digital assets. As the leading crypto tax software, ZenLeger is happy to help with your accounting and taxes. ZenLedger is excited to partner with Ledger to make crypto and alternative investing easier and safer than ever before. “

With crypto theft on the rise, Ledger, through its secure technology, can give crypto investors peace of mind that their investments and transactions are safe. Ledger’s unique hardware wallet isolates investors’ private keys from devices that are easy to hack like computers and smartphones. The seamless integration between the two crypto solution companies comes just in time for the 2021 tax season.

“Ledger Live is an all-in-one app for everything in crypto, NFTs and Web3,” said Jean-François Rochet, vice president of international development at Ledger. “The integration of ZenLedger shows how many things you can do with this app. With ZenLedger made available, Ledger Live now is a gateway to simplify crypto tax reports.”

ZenLedger seamlessly integrates with more wallets, exchanges, NFT’s, DeFi, and blockchains than any other crypto tax platform while also offering friendly and fast customer support. Coming on the heels of ZenLedger’s contract renewal with the IRS, we are committed to making crypto investing safer while ensuring investors have what they need to be successful. The ZenLedger-Ledger partnership will help investors save time and worry, and to stay tax compliant while protecting their investments from fraudsters.

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