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Greenfire Group is aiming to be one of North America’s largest cryptocurrency mining company

Greenfire Group is Arizona’s largest cryptocurrency mining operation – and with massive growth on the horizon, the company is likely to claim many more record-breaking titles.

Debuting just 120 days ago, Greenfire Group has wasted no time making a name for itself in this fast-paced, highly competitive field. The company is setting a new standard by building its own systems in-house rather than purchasing them, standing apart from many other crypto mining companies. Greenfire Group sources and constructs its mining rigs, boosting asset value immediately, offering an attractive position for their investors. The operation largely focuses on ETH (Ethereum), but they also mine Revencoin and ETC.

Greenfire Group has already proven to be an aggressive competitor in revenue and asset generation. Through their wholly-owned and proprietary crypto mining operation, the company can maintain a notably bold approach to accumulating assets.

In December of 2021, Greenfire Group started with just a single machine, making its rise to success even more impressive. Co-founders Babak Motamedi and Craig Heimburger have nurtured the company into a flourishing operation, with dozens of active mining rigs, hundreds of graphics cards, and waves of additional systems going live within the next few weeks and on. Within the first weeks of operation, Greenfire Group was doing half an Ether (ETH) every four days; now, that’s shot up to 15 ETH coin each month. Few crypto miners can compare to quadrupling production rates within three months, which is just one of the many reasons Greenfire Group is one to watch.

Despite being in its early stages of existence, Greenfire Group is already charting a direct route towards incredible growth. Their upward success has led to plans for expansion into a new, multi-megawatt facility this summer, enabling the company to scale its crypto mining operations even more. The rapid growth of its crypto mining footprint accelerated the move-in process due to the company’s incredible pace and scaling of operations. The new building has capacity for 2,000-plus miners and will allow Greenfire Group to aggressively ramp up generation of crypto assets.

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