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Hedgehog, is making it possible for investors to access the benefits of investing in real-world assets

Hedgehog, the blockchain-driven investment app, has made two new tokens available to eligible individuals in the US, UK and Switzerland. The tokens target a combination of regular income and growth, and will be available to buy directly via the Hedgehog app for as little as $5k.

Hedgehog has a simple mission: to make it possible for eligible individual investors to access the benefits of investing in real-world assets.

Easy investing in real-world assets

Real assets, or tangible assets with intrinsic value, can provide stability and reassurance in periods of stock market volatility, while they also offer portfolio diversification. Institutions, including pension funds, are increasing their ownership of real assets, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report published last year.

Via its investment funds, Hedgehog gives eligible individual investors exposure to real-world assets, such as real estate and infrastructure, of a size and quality that would otherwise be out of reach.

Blockchain technology makes this possible.

Hedgehog uses ‘tokenization’ technology, underpinned by blockchain-based smart contracts, to offer digital tokens that are backed by income generated, directly or indirectly, by real-world assets. The technology helps Hedgehog remove barriers to entry and enables eligible individuals to have more control over the investments they own.

“We are excited to offer two more investment opportunities to the eligible individuals registered on our platform” said Hedgehog co-founder Rob Lamb. “Our model is to provide investors with the opportunity to pick and choose between investments that offer a different mix of benefits, to prioritise the outcomes most important to them as individuals: financial, social or environmental.”

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