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Immutable X leading the way with ‘Cross-Rollup Liquidity’ solution on Ethereum

Immutable X, which is powering the next generation of web3 games as the leading carbon-neutral, scalable platform for trading NFTs on Ethereum, today announced its expansion to be the world’s first cross-rollup liquidity platform for NFTs, built on StarkNet. This announcement allows players to directly trade any asset matched across multiple Ethereum Layer 2 and Layer 3 roll-ups, solving the liquidity fractionalization problem that occurs with every individual roll-up today and scaling to billions of users. The protocol will facilitate hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, supporting games with hundreds of millions of daily players to truly own their in-game items.

With StarkNet, developers will be able to deploy custom, composable smart contracts, making it easy for projects to migrate L1 smart-contract based games to Immutable instantly. Immutable X will lead the charge in offering L3s to games with more than 10 million active users who require dedicated throughput and don’t want to compete for capacity with others.

Immutable X x StarkNet

“This is the future of Ethereum – multiple roll-ups for different purposes and games, each abstracted and unified in liquidity via Immutable X – while never compromising on Ethereum’s security,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable. “The next billion players can scale across hundreds of L3s, while never losing the liquidity and composability that makes Ethereum the strongest blockchain network in the world. Secure, composable and insanely scalable: welcome to L323.”

Ethereum remains the #1 choice for game developers, and Immutable X is focused on bringing the best games in the world to Ethereum. Until now, any web3 project that required both scale and composability had no choice but to choose a less-secure, non-Ethereum Layer 1, which is prone to suffer outages and where assets can incur significant liquidity penalties. Immutable X’s mission is to ensure developers don’t have to choose between Ethereum’s security/liquidity and the UX of their game.

The integration of StarkNet as a new settlement environment on Immutable X removes many previous developer tradeoffs, including the lack of custom smart contracts, complex migration from Layer 1 to Layer 2, and composability. However, it will be a less performant and UX-optimized environment than Immutable X’s current application-specific roll-up.

World-class games have different needs, and therefore Immutable X will support multiple L2/L3 zk-rollups for different use cases. This update to Immutable X’s platform will allow liquidity to flow freely between these L2 and L3 environments so that the biggest games on Ethereum can build without constraints and achieve true planet scale.

“Supporting multiple roll-ups will increase the complexity of our product but will allow Immutable X to create the strongest ecosystem for gaming content without compromising liquidity,” said Alex Connolly, Immutable co-founder and CTO. “Immutable is committed to being the premier platform for solving the challenges that prevent web3 games from reaching a global audience.”

“We are thrilled StarkNet will play a key role in helping Immutable X win in web3 games, “said Uri Kolodny, co-founder & CEO, StarkWare. “Our partnership will seamlessly enable world-class games and projects to thrive on Immutable X and StarkNet across L2 and L3.”

There are currently many projects in development that point to an exciting future for web3 gaming. Although each project shares the goal of creating a fantastic user experience and building a rich, long-term economy, each also has different roll-up layer requirements. Immutable X’s plan to support multiple roll-ups by integrating with Starkware’s new StarkNet zk-rollup solution will ensure that the company continues to lead the charge in offering planet-scale for games without compromising security.

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