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Lendary Capital Expands in Asia with Crypto Alternative Debt Fund Launch

Lendary Asia Capital, the Hong Kong and Germany-based Investment Management Group continues to expand its alternative investment strategies with the launch of its Crypto Alternative Debt Fund.

Built on the success of the Lendary.net automated margin lending platform, Lendary Asia Capital latest multi-strategy alternative credit fund is focusing on yield opportunities across the digital asset space without investing in any cryptocurrency, keeping the risk and volatility level as low as possible.

The fund actively manages multiple credit strategies, including short-duration credit and liquidity provision to digital asset banks, centralized exchanges and hedge funds in the digital asset space. Institutional investors with a low-, medium risk profile who are exploring the opportunity to step into the digital asset market found the fund particularly attractive.

Led by Chief Investment Officer Benjamin Thomsen, the Lendary Asia Capital team is a mix of experienced asset managers, data, and computer scientists with multi-year track record in developing quantitative strategies that bring innovative investment solutions with exceptional risk and liquidity characteristics.

The existing strategy has delivered consistently positive returns maintaining steady performance since its launch in May 2022 and despite recent market volatility and downturn, the alternative credit fund has seen an average of 7.24% annualized returns, without any drawdown.

“We wanted to prove that even in bearish market, we can still deliver consistent positive returns to our investors and our alternative credit strategies can be an attractive option to diversify a balanced portfolio” explained Agost A. Makszin, Co-Founder of Lendary Asia Capital; why they have decided to go ahead and not postponed their fund launch given the current market conditions. “As we are not investing in any volatile crypto asset, we don’t really consider ourselves as a crypto fund ‘, he added, “We are probably somewhere between traditional and digital asset fixed income. “

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