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LuckyTruck launches their first credit card targeting small trucking companies and fleet managers

LuckyTruck, a leading insurance and fintech platform for SMB trucking companies, announced today the launch of their first credit card, built specifically for small trucking companies and their fleet managers.

“Trucking is a growing and capital intensive segment of the U.S. economy,” said CEO Julie Zimmer, who joined LuckyTruck in October. “We recognize the need to unlock more cash flow for the 1M+ small and medium sized trucking businesses in the country.”

LuckyTuck has partnered with Power, a credit card issuance platform reimagining the future of credit cards, to launch the LuckyTruck Card. With Power’s partnership, LuckyTruck has the ability to offer a card like no other in the trucking space. In addition to a cash back incentive for signing up, the LuckyTruck Card also includes a full-stack rewards structure developed for the modern day fleet manager.

“Helping trucking companies manage their finances and overcome tough market cycles is a priority,” said Adam Smith, Vice President of Product at LuckyTruck. “The credit card is purpose built for SMB trucking companies, taking into account their most pressing needs given the headwinds they are facing today.”

LuckyTruck always has truckers’ needs in mind and throughout the process of developing the LuckyTruck Card, this remained true. With the LuckyTruck Card, truckers are rewarded for using the card to finance their most common expenses.

“This product is a much needed addition to our core insurance offering,” said Devin Bostick, Co-founder and President at LuckyTruck. “Customers have been asking for a credit card that ties into LuckyTruck’s insurance offering, so we are really excited to add this card to our suite of products.”

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